vr 22 nov

Sonar Drum and Bass + Lasertag pre-party

We as Sonar are organising a unique pre-party activity which you can be a part of!

Our pre-party will consist of a lasertag competition hosted by live DJs on the decks.

Sonar regular €12,50
Sonar Lasertag pre-party + regular €25,00

Before the Honig complex will be leveled with the ground we want to give you the opportunity to enjoy a new venue.

Location Lasertagcompetition: Laserloods Nijmegen
Loaction Sonar: Brebl Nijmegen

We are offering a limited combination package to both enjoy the party and the lasertag leading up to the main event.

21:00 - 22:30 Pre-party Lasertag competition
23:00 - 05:00 (volgende dag) Sonar DnB

Prijs (VVK) € 12,00
Prijs (ADD) € 25,00
Zaal open 23:00
Aanvang 23:00
Einde 05:00
Locatie Brebl
Organisatie Sonar
Genre Evenement, Clubnacht

Kom na afloop van een concert naborrelen in Atlas Hollandia

Elke woensdag kan je voorafgaand aan het jazzconcert eten bij Wereldkoks in OscarLeeuw, de bovenzaal van Brebl. Wel eerst even reserveren: 024-3606662

OscarLeeuw Atlas Hollandia