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Maleficarum with Ingrained Instincts


This is Maleficarium.

A open minded collective of very different people from different countries but all with the same obssesion for psychedelic-art-culture and we love to invite all Freaks, Wooks, Lightseekers, Free-Thinkers, Drop-Outs, non-Conformists, Weekend Warriors, Enchanters, Party Animals, all Music Enthusiasts and People who just love to Dance to come together on a amazing magical Journey. On Saturday the 7th of March we will cast our Magic Spells to create a Space for you to Explore and Enjoy.

We've invited two well-known wizards of the International Scene for your Musical Needs: Ingrained Instincts - a unique project consisting of Tilemachos Vlachos, and Dafy Deliangelos, originally from Greece, but residing in London. Both have shared the same passion for Psychedelic music since their very early days. They met in 2001, formed a project together, and started to develop a different sound, but one totally sympathetic to the scene, and yet wholly psychedelic, and funky! After many years of experimentation, the Ingrained Instincts project was born. Their sound could be described as an amalgamation of many variations which don’t fit in one box – definitely different and organic sounding. Ingrained Instincts so far released on Goa Productions, BMSS and are now signed with Sangoma Records.

For our Visual enjoyment we have also something very Special - U-Helica-Project Decoration - those two scenographical experts wich will put the Dancefloor into otherworldly fractalized dimensions. They already decorated Some huge Festivals like The Antigravity Festival in Australia or the VOOV-Festival in Germany and really know how to create a proper evironment. So let us all come together in syncronicity and dance!

Line-Up: Ingrained Instincts (LIVE) (UK) (Sangoma Records)

Full Lineup and more info soon...


Early bird (only 50 tickets) €7.50
Lazy bird (100 tickets) €10.00
Regular presale ticket €12.50
Doorsale: tba

Prijs (VVK) € 7,50
Prijs (ADD) € 12,50
Zaal open 22:30
Aanvang 06:00
Einde 06:00
Locatie Brebl
Organisatie Maleficarum
Genre Party, Clubnacht
Artiest(en) Ingrained Instincts
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