vr 10 jul

Queen Must Go On

Queen Must Go On has one vision: to bring the music of Queen to you! The newest sensational Queen tribute band from The Netherlands: Queen Must Go On. They bring an ode to the legendary British rock formation ‘Queen’.

The complete Queen experience, sounding just like the original albums! In 2020, Queen exists 50 years. So it’s time to celebrate this anniversary. Four passionate and experienced musicians who got the looks and the sound. They bring an ode to Freddie Mercury, Brian May, John Deacon and Roger Taylor. Every song sorted out in detail, played with perfection and a raw energy, hungry to own the arena! Combined with a smashing show and podium performance, that makes you cry for more.

Queen Must Go On takes you back to the golden years of rock. They bring you all the famous songs, like Don’t Stop Me Now, We Are The Champions, Bohemian Rhapsody, and of course The Show Must Go On, but also songs from the early era of the band.
Do you want to experience a kind of magic?

The show must go on, so let’s play the game together. Maybe we become the love of your life. Watch out for the dragon attack, but who wants to live forever anyway?

You can NOT ignore this, you HAVE to experience it. It will be an evening to remember!


Bij de concerten in juli delen Brebl en de artiesten de inkomsten, daarom is het kaartje iets duurder dan je gewend bent. We zitten beide in zwaar weer. Live muziek kan niet zonder artiesten, en artiesten kunnen niet zonder een podium.

Prijs (VVK) € 25,00
Prijs (ADD) € 25,00
Zaal open 21:00
Aanvang 22:00
Einde 23:59
Locatie Brebl
Organisatie Brebl
Genre Live muziek

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