za 6 nov

Psychedelic Rave presents Machine Elves

Back in 2019 we started working on a new date for Machine Elves. When the pandemic came, we needed to change our plans. After the blasting party of last oktober, we are proud to invite you to the next edition of Machine Elves, again hosted at the Brebl in Nijmegen, on the 6th of November..

We have booked an international line-up over 3 stages with a main floor, forest floor by Kukiluki and a Deep space Stage. We are still confirming several high calibre DJ's & artists to play.

Psy Rave Floor [full on psytrance]

► Journey OM [IT]

► LX-D

► Strophoria [Be]

► Sebidelica

Kukiluki Floor [forest psytrance]

► Tulpa [Ru] Detroit Underground

► sG4rY [De] Sangoma Records

► Dschagganaut [De] Gaggalacka

► Shivanki Psychedelic Rave

► Dissoziativa KukiLuki

Deep Space

► Roi Koch

► Benedict

► Yirkhu

► Toontje Lager

► Naadt

Prijs (VVK) € 20,95
Prijs (ADD) € 25,00
Zaal open 16:00
Aanvang 16:00
Einde 23:59
Locatie BreblOscarLeeuw, Clubb
Organisatie KukiLuki
Genre Party, Clubnacht
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